Silicone Foam Dressing is a superior absorbent dressing for wound exudate management. It contains high absorbent foam pad and gentle adhesive silicone contact layer. It maintains moist wound healing environment with no irritation which facilitates healing, minimizes trauma to the wound and reduces pain during dressing changes.


Core silicone oil technology provides super gentle silicone contact layer for fragile skin.

Excellent wound exudate absorption, reduces the risk of maceration and leakage.

Pain free removal and reposition, no second dressing needed.

Customized shape design to adapts different requirements.

Maintains its integrity during use

Silver Silicone Foam is available for infected wound


Pressure ulcer

Leg ulcer

Non-infected diabetic foot ulcer

Donor sites

Skin abrasions

Post-operative wound

Lacerations and abrasion


  Code Size 

Bordered GP1001 50×50(25×25)mm 

GP1002 75×50(50×25)mm(Oval) 

GP1003 85×50(50×25)mm 

GP1004 75×75(45×45)mm 

GP1005 100×100(65×65)mm 

GP1006 150×150(110×110)mm 

GP1007 100×200(50×150)mm 

GP1008 (Heel) 250×235(190×175)mm 

GP1009 (Sacrum) 175×170(125×120)mm 

GP1010 (Sacrum) 230×230(170×165)mm 


  Code Size 

Non-Border GP2001 50×50mm 

GP2002 75×75mm 

GP2003 100×100mm 

GP2004 150×150mm 

GP2005 100×200mm 

GP2006 (Heel) 130×200mm 

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